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212 Kent St. Ste. #10
Portland, MI 48875
Est. Sept 2003
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If you are suffering from any of the following...
*Allergies *Anemia *Arthritis *Asthma *Back Pain *Bone Spurs *Cellulite *Constipation *Chronic Fatigue
*Diabetes *Emotional Imbalances *Foot or Leg Pain *Fibromyalgia *General Aches and Pains *High blood Pressure
*Inflammation *Insomnia *Low Energy *Menstrual Cramps *Migraine Headaches *Multiple Sclerosis *Nervousness
*Overweight *Sleep Disorders *Poor Circulation *Poor Internal Organ Function *Shingles *Shoulder Pain
Portland Clinical & Therapeutic Massage...
may have what you're looking for to help your body heal itself.
Millions of men,women and children are sick and obese
with seemingly nowhere to turn besides using potentially harmful medications and outrageously expensive surgeries.
Thousands of people are now turning towards alternative therapies
due to expensive medical options, costly spa memberships and unaffordable health insurance.

Fifteen minutes on the
Sun Ancon Aerobic Exerciser is equal to 1-1/2 hr. brisk walk,
4 miles in terms of oxygen benefits.  
The Sun Ancon Chi Machine creates movement which thereby
creates cell oxygenation, detoxification,
increasing mental focus and unblocking the natural flow of energy
by detoxing the body via the Lymphatic system.
If you experience any of the conditions listed above,
the Sun Ancon Chi Machine & the FIR Hot House may be the answer
you've been searching for.
With daily use the Far Infrared hot house increases blood circulation, relieves pain,
swelling & inflammation, asthma, skin and sinus problems.
It enhances relaxation and detoxifies the body of chemicals
and heavy metal poisonings
all while lying down.
Research has now found a natural, sanitary and affordable method
for you to receive home health therapy and wellness
which can be used in the privacy of your own home!
Many users report the Chi Machine has changed or given them their life back,
including an end to pain and costly medications, therapy and doctor bills.
Used alone or in conjunction with the Far Infrared Hothouse,
the benefits and results are often stunning!
17 years of testimonials and clinical trials prove it.
Rebecca San Miguel-Gurski,  Independent Distributor for HTE Enterprises

Business Hours

Mon,Wed & Fri 10-7 p.m.
by Appointment
Excluding Holidays
"Birthday Special"
is Celebrating 13 years in
business and 8 years with
"Malin Kenyon"
During the month of your
birthday take 15.00 off
your 1 Hr. Massage!