SOQI Health Spa
(SO means Solar - QI means Life Force Energy).
Natural healing using your own natural energy the way nature intended.

SOQI Incorporates natural therapies and high quality products
using a unique "multiple energy approach"
for your daily health management

Multiple Energy Approach
  • Motion - builds up your chi, stimulating your energy levels throughout your day
  • Thermal - using the Hot House assists with cleansing & detoxifying your body
  • Nutritional - maximizes your nutrition intake & enhances metabolic activity
  • Electric - relieves stress & tension with impulses penetrating deep into your muscles

(A natural alternative effecting the limbic system)

Aromatherapy is a gentle
and effective method of healing
enhancing the mind,
body and spirit
through the use of natural oils
using aromatic plants, trees and grasses.
It emphasizes the
uniqueness of the individual and
the importance of tailoring treatments
to meet each person's need.
When you enjoy the aroma of the essential oils,
tiny molecules penetrate the body
via the nose
and send chemical messages
to the brain
uplifting the mind and body.

Medical/Clinical Massage
(Deep Tissue Therapy)

Relieve mental and physical stress by
reducing muscle pain and tension.
A release of
abnormal soft tissue tension
through manual techniques using
deep tissue soft hand technique,
passive and active stretching,
range of motion exercises
and the use of supportive therapeutic modalities
such as heat or cold.  
Medical / Clinical massage
breaks up lactic acid build up in the muscles
which cause tension and fatigue.  
This technique
enhances the general well being
of an individual.

Swedish Massage
(Massage from the outside in)

Experience the healing power of touch.
A personal health service
using oils, lotions, and/or liniments
to relax and soothe
away muscle pain and tension.  
This technique
reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure,
increases blood circulation
and lymph flow while
increasing endorphins,
enhancing medical treatment.
This technique helps you
from the everyday stresses of life.
One of the most helpful means
for relaxation
in our stress filled world.

Therapeutic Polarity
(Massage from the inside out)

An energy based massage.
Therapeutic Polarity
is used as the primary tool
in achieving balance,
as it restores subtle energy flow
and vitality within the body.
This subtle form of electromagnetic energy
is the animating current of life within you,
a physiological reality.  
Therapeutic Polarity focuses on
clearing blocked energy throughout the body.
It  facilitates the dissolving and releasing
of energy blockages
and deep seated tensions,
thus stimulating the body's natural healing forces
inherent within each individual.
The art and science
of balancing the life energy within you.

(Caring for the body by tending to the hands and feet)

Reflexology is a science
that deals with the principle
that there are reflexes in the hands and feet
that correspond to every part
of the body
including all organs, glands, nerves and body parts.
It is a unique method whereby pressure points
in the hands and feet
are stimulated by the thumb and fingers.  
It is believed that 75% of today's diseases
are attributed to stress,
affecting various body systems in different ways.  
The purpose of reflexology
is to promote balance,
reduce tension, revitalize, reactivate,
and improve blood supply
by unblocking nerve impulses
and bringing the whole body into harmony
naturally, helping nature achieve homeostasis.
Pressure points in your hands and feet
release healing forces of energy
that travel throughout the body.
As such, reflexology is effective
when other techniques have failed.

The above techniques are not intended as a replacement for medical care.
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