Portland Clinical & Therapeutic Massage
is committed
to the care of others.
In faith, we accept the challenge
to assist your body in promoting good health
by applying a systematic approach
of manipulating soft tissue.

To touch and nourish our clients
by promoting an increase of blood and lymph flow.
To reduce and/or relieve sore muscle pain and
as well as balance and stimulate
the life energy within you.

We at "Portland Clinical & Therapeutic Massage"
offer you our hands that they may:

Normalize soft tissue,
Increase range of motion,
Be nurturing and uplifting,
Increase relaxation
Reduce inflammation, spasms, and stress
Stimulate the immune system,
Improve joint mobility,
Relieve painful spasms, mental and physical
Speed muscle recovery time,
Aid digestion and elimination,
Relieve muscle soreness,
Reduce the impact of some injuries,
Manage headache pain,
Stimulate/Sedate the nervous system,
Restore normal use and function to specific
problem areas,
Help with getting in tune with one's body.
Mission Statement